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woman after having dermal fillers with Dr Saba Raja

Dermal Fillers: Safety Over Price!

With dermal filler injections, it is an unsafe business to permit any individual who is not medically qualified, trained and authorised to take a needle to your skin, regardless of how appealing the price seems. It could indeed set you back significantly more than those couple of additional pounds.

Shockingly, in a lot of regions, individuals who are not medically trained or licensed can inject Botox fillers. At ‘The Home of Aesthetics’ in Norwich, we frown at the prospect of an untrained or fake cosmetologist using needles and cannulas to inject possibly cheap and unregulated HA fillers into an individual’s face. Numerous things can truly turn out badly, and you would undoubtedly prefer not to be at the receiving end of it!

What can go wrong with a bad application of dermal fillers:

  • Wrong placement – Fillers should be set in a specific layer of the skin and this can change in various areas of the face. In the event that the position is not in the right layer, particularly on the off chance that it is set more superficial than required, you may get a ‘Tyndall impact’ (a blue tint in hyaluronic corrosive fillers), or worse, apparent lumps of the injected HA. The more superficial the material is placed from the required layer, the more long-lasting the discolouration will be. In instances of wrong placement of fillers, the initial step ought to be a vigorous local massage and, if necessary, injecting a substance called hyaluronidase to break up the filler. An untrained cosmetic surgeon will not know this information, or the substances expected to fix such a situation, and therefore, you will be left with lumping or the blue shade for a long time to come.
  • Infection – Any technique that breaks the skin’s natural barrier can lead to a risk of infection. To limit this danger, general precautionary measures should be taken, like legitimate sanitisation and the utilisation of sterile items along with gloves during the injection process. Anyone who is not medically trained, may not follow these safety measures and in this way increase the risk of contamination and infection. Contingent upon the seriousness of the infection, antibiotics ought to be given and if the infection proceeds, it could prompt an abscess. In such cases, treatment ought to include incision and drainage along with giving the patient proper antibiotics; something that a non-clinical expert cannot offer.
  • Necrosis – On the off chance that a dermal filler is inadvertently injected into a blood vessel or a vein, this can cause necrosis which is the death of the surrounding tissues. With the HA filler blocking the blood vessel, the tissue will become bright or blanched, and now and then you would also feel pain in the injection site. In the event that this is not immediately pinpointed and treated with hyaluronidase, it can turn out to have serious repercussions on the patient, causing the skin to become dark, and also lasting disfigurement.
  • Visual impairment – There have been many recent instances where patients have been left blind by inadequately injected dermal fillers. On the off chance that a dermal filler is injected into one of the blood vessels in the skin or under the skin around the eye, causing the filler to enter one of the bigger arteries behind the eye, it can block the blood vessels going inside the eye, consequently causing the patient to go blind. Sometimes, the eyeball can lose its movement completely. In such cases, there is nothing you can do.

Be safe with fillers

At ‘The Home of Aesthetics’ in Norwich, we take our modes of treatment very seriously. Dr Saba Raja is a fully-qualified, authorized and trained aesthetic practitioner, and has all the information and materials required to deal with any unexpected conditions rapidly and productively. Moreover, she has also dominated the art of dermal filler injections for various treatments.

Try not to play Russian roulette with your looks and more importantly your health. Make sure to spend your cash smartly, and it will deliver profits with results that look wonderful. Contact ‘The Home of Aesthetics’ today to get a consultation for dermal fillers.