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woman looking into the camera after lip filler

What Do I Need To Know Before Getting Lip Fillers

At Dr Raja’s skin clinic in Norwich, we offer cutting-edge aesthetic treatments to help you look and feel your best. From reducing stubborn pockets of fat with the revolutionary Emerald Laser to resurfacing the skin with chemical peels to creating voluptuous, voluminous lips with lip fillers, Dr Raja blends a meticulous artist’s eye with extensive medical knowledge and training for optimum results.

Today, we’re focusing on lip fillers, a way to enhance one of your best assets – your smile – while addressing concerns like asymmetry, loss of volume and even fine lines around the mouth. Let’s talk through what you need to know before treatment, by answering some common questions.

Why have lip fillers?

There are many reasons our patients choose to have lip fillers. Being a non-invasive, non-surgical yet long-lasting procedure, you can have fantastic results without the discomfort and disruption of a surgical procedure. Results can also be topped-up and tweaked if desired, and if your lip injections use hyaluronic acid, it’s even possible to dissolve the filler.

Are lip fillers expensive?

No, we believe they offer great value for money and are far less expensive than alternatives like surgery. We offer finance agreements at our Norwich aesthetics clinic to help spread the cost of your treatment because we want all our patients to look and feel fantastic and have the results they deserve.

Do lip fillers hurt?

Lip injections in Norwich involve – as the name suggests – an injection, but the needles used are extremely fine to minimise any discomfort and our advanced techniques and knowledge of facial anatomy ensure we target the right locations the first time. We can also use a topical numbing cream to prevent feeling in the area at the time of treatment. This gradually wears off and you will still have movement in the area.

Are there side effects of lip injections?

Yes, unfortunately, every aesthetic treatment has its pros and cons, its side effects and its drawbacks. With lip fillers, you might experience some sensitivity or tenderness; redness can be common; and in some cases, bruising and swelling may develop. Thankfully, in nearly all cases, these side effects clear up in a matter of days. If you’re at all concerned, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Norwich aesthetic clinic.

How do I book my lip injections?

You can book your lip fillers through our warm and friendly reception team. Simply visit our contact page to find all the details.