Cheek Filler Treatment

Cheek filler treatment is a great way to improve the contours of your face, giving you a youthful and refreshed appearance.

This is a quick, effective, and minimally invasive procedure using hyaluronic acid-based fillers that can subtly redefine your facial features. By strategically placing premium Juvederm filler in specific areas of your cheeks, you can create a more balanced, lifted look. Depending on the results you desire, the filler can be used to plump up the cheeks, reduce hollows, add volume, and even reshape the entire face. The entire process is virtually painless and can be done in a single visit. With minimal downtime and no permanent changes to your face, it is a safe and effective way to rejuvenate your features.

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Cheek Filler Treatment

1. Before Your Consultation

Dr Saba Raja will assess your overall health, medical history, and aesthetic goals to determine if you are a good candidate for cheek filler treatment. Additionally, you will receive a vascular mapping procedure to find the safest cheek filler injection sites.

  • Discussion about any medicines you’re taking
  • Discuss previous cosmetic procedures
  • Vascular mapping and discussion of filler placement sites
  • Determine the amount of filler required to achieve your desired look
  • Gain an understanding of the procedure, its results, and any side effects

2. Treatment

A cheek filler treatment procedure is a cosmetic procedure used to contour and enhance the cheeks.

  • Topical numbing cream applied and second vascular mapping
  • Hyaluronic acid-based filler is injected into the cheeks
  • Several cheek areas will receive the injections
  • Cheeks should appear plumper and fuller
  • Takes under 30 minutes

3. Aftercare

Aftercare advice for cheek filler treatment is essential for optimal results.

  • Recovery time -1-2 days
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and excessive heat for 24 hours
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and anti-inflammatory medications for 72 hours
  • Avoid any massaging or manipulating of the area for 48 hours
  • Get in touch with any queries

Dr Saba Raja

Dr Saba Raja has over many years of experience in successfully resculpting the mid-face area using cheek fillers to get first class rejuvenating effects. Her patients return to each time they require a top-up treatment.

About Dr Saba

Your Questions

The injection points for cheek fillers are typically located at the top of the cheekbones and the mid-cheek area. The exact location of the injection points may vary depending on the individual’s facial structure and desired results. Dr Saba Raja will perform vascular mapping via an ultrasound device beforehand to make sure she eliminates the risk of hitting a blood vessel. This is cutting-edge technology, currently exclusive in Norwich, to our clinic.

The results can be seen immediately but are best observed 2-3 weeks later, when the swelling subsides and the filler settles. Cheek fillers typically last 6-18 months before they need to be reapplied.

The level of pain may vary from person to person, and some may experience no pain at all. The cheek filler injection is administered using a fine needle, and numbing cream will be used to minimise discomfort.

Cheek filler treatment is designed to precisely add volume, structure and contour to the face. Losing volume from this area can cause a hollow and gaunt appearance. This treatment is ideal for anyone looking to lift a prominent area of the face, improve skin elasticity, and gain a more defined bone structure to reduce the physical signs of ageing.

Your Concerns

We’ll give your face a more youthful looking contour, by adding volume to the cheeks

We’ll give you a rejuvenated complexion by tightening and lifting skin in the mid-face area

We’ll plump up thinning skin in the cheek area to give you a more youthful complexion.

We’ll tighten and lift ageing skin to remove wrinkles and give you a refreshed skin structure.

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