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Botox & Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Relax your muscles and smooth facial lines with anti-wrinkle treatments. Using a purified toxin produced by bacteria, this revolutionary cosmetic procedure can help restore the appearance of youthful looking skin and revitalise your appearance.

Anti-wrinkle Treatments





some redness , swelling and possible bruising




30 minutes


Usually none


3 – 4 months

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment at the Home of Aesthetics in Norwich

In the first instance we look at your skin type, facial anatomy and muscle strength before recommending a unique course of anti-wrinkle treatments. Results are usually achieved with only a single session of anti-wrinkle needling, which is completed using a very fine needle. Most patients report that they cannot feel the needle penetrating their skin and there is no need for local anaesthetic creams.

Anti-wrinkle treatments work by blocking signals from the nerves, preventing forceful contractions of the muscle and thus softening wrinkle lines. Normally results take up to  2 weeks to appear and last for around 12 weeks.

Anti Wrinkle

How can anti-wrinkle treatments help you?

At the Home of Aesthetics, we offer the following anti-wrinkle treatments to help restore and revitalise your beautiful looks…

What are they?

  • The classical furrowed brow. Deep wrinkle lines that can present as grooves above the nose, or across the length of the forehead, formed from repeated facial expressions.

How do we treat them?

  • Small injections of anti-wrinkle treatment are applied directly to lines, which become visible when you’re contracting your facial muscles, significantly reducing your forehead lines.

What are they?

  • Lines that appear in a fold between the eyebrows, producing a concerned or frustrated facial expression.

How do we treat them?

  • Anti-wrinkle treatment is injected directly into skin surrounding the wrinkles, helping soften and relax the muscles and softening your facial expression.

What are they?

  • Those small, wrinkled, diagonal lines appear along the upper sides of the nose, and become more prominent with certain facial expressions, such as laughter.

How do we treat them?

  • Muscles on either side of the nose are gently injected with small amounts of anti-wrinkle treatment both softening and preventing the contractions that cause wrinkles.

What are they?

  • Wrinkles normally formed around the corner of the eyes, due to loss of skin elasticity and a weakening of facial muscles.

How do we treat them?

  • Anti-wrinkle treatment is carefully injected into the facial tissue around the corner of the eyes, stopping the muscles from pulling on the skin when you’re laughing or squinting, reducing the effect of the lines when you’re making different expressions.

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On my visit to the home of Aesthetics, I found the service that Dr Saba Raja gave impeccable. Her medical background gave me huge confidence and I now realise that choosing a qualified doctor to deliver the treatment is key. I can not recommend her enough – she is the best in Norwich!

Allia Mir

When it comes to your face, you want to make sure you choose someone you can trust. I cannot recommend Dr Saba Raja enough. She is honest, professional, knowledgeable and an extremely lovely lady. I had not had any anti-wrinkle treatments or fillers prior to having my consultation. We discussed the areas which I felt needed some attention and where she felt needed attention. The treatments were explained in detail and what would happen and the aftercare and side affects.
I felt somewhat nervous prior to my consultation but I was worrying about nothing. I look forward to having my future treatments with Dr Saba Raja

Claire Partridge

Wow what can I say Dr Saba really made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. I felt very nervous about my treatment and by the time I was ready to start I felt so relaxed. I would absolutely recommend Dr Saba to family and friends. Thank you for my beautiful lips.

Emma Pease

As soon as I entered, Dr Raja made me feel completely welcome. She is very friendly and engaging, and made me feel entirely at ease before and during my treatment. Before I began my first session for micro-needling, Dr Raja went through the procedure with me and explained clearly what the experience would be like. I had a throughly pleasant experience and she ensured I had complete comfortability during the procedure.

I can’t recommend her enough, she is a true professional and I couldn’t have wished for a better experience! I wouldn’t choose anyone else in the future for any further treatment and and I look forward to seeing her again to continue my sessions for micro-needling.

Anton Morina

I came to see Dr Saba as a complete newby to anything anti-wrinkle related in the hope she could even out my wonky upper lip and give them some fullness at the same time. I felt very reassured learning she had a 5 star rating and also as a GP, i knew I was in the safest hands. I was terrified not knowing what to expect as I had never experienced the procedure but Dr Saba made me feel so relaxed and at ease from the moment i stepped through the door. She was so lovely and talked me through every step thoroughly ensuring I understood what was going to happen and I was happy to continue. She has managed to even the shape out of my upper lip perfectly and even more than I ever thought filler would be able to do whilst giving me nice plump lips that don’t flip in when I smile like they used to. I honestly cannot explain how happy I am with my results because it exceeded every expectation I had going round in my mind. I honestly cannot recommend Dr Saba enough, the results speak for themself and you soon realise why she gets 5 star ratings. Thank you so much Dr Saba, you are an absolute miracle worker.

Lauren Hoskin

I just have to leave an incredible 5 stars for Saba, from the moment I walked in I felt completely at ease. Together with her extensive knowledge of aesthetics and incredible results I would highly recommend home of aesthetics to anyone wanting 1st class treatments.

Vicky Haydel

Dr Saba is amazing. The procedure was explained fully throughout and was made to feel so at ease. I will be back for more treatments and will absolutely be recommending Dr Saba to my friends and family. Thank you.

Natalie Murphy

I had been thinking of having anti-wrinkle injections and fillers for a while but was very nervous about it. I decided to see Dr Raja and I am so pleased that I chose her. She made me feel at ease straight away. She was very thorough with her consultation and answered all my questions and concerns. She has extensive knowledge of aesthetics and was very professional. Her being a qualified doctor,GP and having trained in aesthetics gave me great confidence. I am so pleased with the results and cannot recommend her enough!

Shamila Mufti
Dr Saba was very welcoming and explained things very well. The treatments were pain free, and the results are showing already, highly recommended.
Marjorie Harris
After months of research and deliberating I decided on Dr Saba for my procedure. I chose her as she is a qualified doctor with many years in the medical profession. Dr Saba is a friendly, professional lady, her thorough consultation was honest and detailed and put me at great ease, she listened to any concerns I had and gave me all the time I needed to answer all my questions in detail. I felt really listened too and not rushed at all which was very important for me. It’s clear Dr Saba works to a very high standard and I can not recommend her enough, she exceeded all my expectations and I am very very happy with the result!
Ellie B
Dr Saba puts you are ease from the minute you walk through the door. She is professional yet friendly and warm. Dr Saba explained all treatments throughly and answered any questions without hesitation. She is clearly very passionate about aesthetics and works to the highest of standards. Knowing the procedure was being performed by an experienced doctor made me feel safe and helped to alleviate any anxieties. I was pleased with my treatment results and will recommend Dr Saba to my friends and family.
Luise Wilderspin
My mum went and said she is such a lovely lady made me feel really comfortable as her first time. She explained everything to her and felt no pressure what so ever to have anything done. Highly recommend extremely professional and very pleased with results.
Claire Ladbrooke
Amazing, professional service, couldn’t recommend enough.
Louisa Dye

Dr Saba Raja is the angel of Aesthetics. I had previously had a bad experience with tear trough fillers that had been overfilled and had to be removed, I was left looking worse than before with a dent and crepey under eyes. I booked a consultation with Dr S Raja to see if she could help me. I have never experienced someone so caring and someone with so much knowledge in this field. She explained to me in such detail the cause and what was possible to rectify the situation. Again throughout the procedure she explained what was going on and she was so comforting. After the procedure I have had no swelling which I had previously had and my face is rejuvenated with volume and my wrinkly eyes and frown lines banished. I am overwhelmed by the results. I will not be going anywhere else from now on as I can not express enough how wonderful and confident I am left after this experience.

Ellen Pumer
Dr Saba Raja is extremely welcoming and humble, made me feel at ease and relaxed the moment I stepped through the door, as this was my first experience I was a little anxious but this soon disappeared. I would highly recommend and am looking forward to going back for my next treatment.
Emma Shreeve

After your treatment

We are always on hand to discuss any minor issues following your anti-wrinkle procedure. Normally most clients will experience varying degrees of soreness, swelling, tender muscle tissue and in some case a little bruising. Most of the time these conditions pass quickly. Be aware that headaches may occur, and it is advisable to contact us if these last longer than 24 hours.

We offer a review at 2 weeks to assess and if needed a top up of anti-wrinkle injection can be done and this service is complimentary .

Please be aware that anti-wrinkle treatments are not recommended for pregnant clients, those who are currently engaged in breastfeeding or have any diagnosis of neurological disease.

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