PRP Therapy

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is the injection of your own blood plasma, that is rich in platelets and fortified with vitamins and nutrients, into the skin. PRP is used to plump and thicken the skin, improve skin tone and texture, reduce signs of ageing and treat pigmentation, scars, stretch-marks and hair restoration and growth.

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PRP Therapy Treatment

1. Before Your Consultation

During our preliminary appointment, we will evaluate your skin and talk about your aesthetic objectives. This will enable us to make sure you get the correct treatment.

  • Medical history and ongoing medications assessed
  • Overall health examination with your suitability for the treatment assessed
  • Discuss expectations of the treatment
  • Personalised treatment plan
  • Question and answer session

2. Treatment

A PRP procedure, also known as Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a minimally invasive procedure that uses the patient’s own blood to stimulate healing and rejuvenation of the skin.

  • Blood is drawn from the arm
  • The blood is placed in a centrifuge
  • The centrifuge is spun to separate the plasma
  • Plasma is injected into the target skin
  • The injected platelets release growth factors

3. Aftercare

Aftercare advice for PRP treatment should be followed to ensure maximum benefit from the treatment and promote healing.

  • Refrain from excessive physical activity for 48 hours
  • Avoid exposing the treated area to direct sunlight for 2 weeks
  • Keep the area clean and dry to avoid infection.
  • Change dressings regularly
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, and anti-inflammatory drugs

Dr Saba Raja

Dr. Saba Raja is a proficient healthcare practitioner with several years of expertise in the field of facial aesthetics, particularly in administering PRP Therapy.

About Dr Saba

Your Questions

PRP is very safe. We appreciate the thought of drawing blood may not be appealing, but it’s no different to the very commonplace procedure that takes place when you have a blood test.

The effects of PRP therapy are long-lasting. Dr Saba Raja will be able to give you a more precise and personalised answer when you visit her for your pre-treatment consultation.

PRP is suitable for most people. However, we don’t recommend it for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Whether or not it’s the most appropriate treatment to help you achieve your beauty goals will be discussed when you speak to Dr Saba Raja during your PRP consultation.

We will apply a topical numbing cream to the targeted injection site before blood is drawn to ensure that any discomfort is minimised.

Your Concerns

Reduce blemishes and scarring

Achieve a more even skin tone

Reduce the appearance of visible, unsightly acne scars

Reduce any hyperpigmentation issues you’re experiencing for a clearer skin tone.

Reduce wrinkles, age spots, sun damage and other signs of ageing

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