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Dr Saba Rajas Cosmetic Clinic

Guidelines for choosing a Cosmetic Clinic

Researching Aesthetic Clinics and treatments has the possibility of becoming quite an overwhelming experience. Being torpedoed into the world of Aesthetics, you’ll come across recommendations, advice and ads upon ads. This overload of information can be counterproductive.

Our goal at The Home of Aesthetics on Ipswich Road, Norwich is to help guide our clients on how to make a well-informed decision that is right for them. Here is a brief guideline to consider in your research, to know exactly what to look for.

Know the procedure:

To be certain about your chosen procedure, we recommend researching the treatment in itself even before stepping into any aesthetic clinic. This entails treatment, downtime, and results. Watching videos of the procedure in question on YouTube and Clinic Websites can provide great clarity. This will help you in being well-versed and knowledgeable about the treatment.

Established or not Cosmetic Clinic:

An important aspect of choosing a clinic is getting to know the practitioner, the team and their practice. You do this to know for certain that your team will be well-equipped, and knowledgeable about the treatment and prepared in the case of an emergency. This is crucial since we’ve seen unqualified professionals such as beauticians and hairdressers take up the practice in recent years. They perform treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers at low prices but are ill-equipped and this may end up costing the client in the long run.


Your chosen practitioner must have appropriate registration with the concerned authority. Here in the UK, it’s the General Medical Council. Dr Saba is registered with the General Medical Council UK and is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. She still works with the NHS, providing healthcare and advice daily. You can be free of doubt and be confident that with Dr Saba you will receive professional medical advice and treatments in a personalized surrounding that’s all about comfort and pleasure.


The best way to ensure a safe procedure with the desired results is to hunt for clinics that specialize in the treatment of your choosing. Assuming that you’ve decided on anti-wrinkle injections, a clear indication of their expertise in this area of cosmetic services could be if they also provide dermal fillers.


Make sure that you are covered in the event of an emergency. You can check the cosmetic clinic’s website or call the clinic and ask if they have the appropriate insurance.

The Grapevine:

For reliable advice, you can ask for feedback from friends and colleagues who have gone through the same procedure. You can also read reviews by clients online and reach out to talk to them. They’ll be able to give honest feedback and suggest trusted cosmetic clinics.


All reliable cosmetic clinics provide a standard no-obligation consultation to clients who are new to the world of aesthetics and help them learn more about the treatment they want to undergo. Good clinics allow these visits so the client can check out the premises and ask the practitioner any questions or concerns they might have.

Follow-up Service:

It will be a great relief to know that after your procedure, your clinic provides a follow-up service. To ensure a great result after a treatment such as anti-wrinkle injections, having the practitioner available to offer any top-up treatment can make all the difference.


After a consultation, researching reviews on your chosen clinic, equipment, possible substances and products used for your treatment will help educate you more extensively on all aspects of your procedure. With this information, you’ll be able to go through the whole process with confidence.

To book a no-obligation consultation and learn more about your chosen treatment with Dr Saba at The Home of Aesthetics on Ipswich Road, Norwich, Call us on 01603 383222.