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woman after having cheek fillers with DrSaba Raja

How can Cheek Fillers Make your Face look more Enhanced?

There is no doubt about the fact that the signs of ageing are something that hardly anyone wants. As you grow old, it takes a toll on your skin. Your skin starts to sag, and loses its volume and shine – all because you lose important elements from the face. These elements include those such as muscle tissue, bone density, fat, elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. The main part of the face that experience the trial of time the most is the cheeks and lower face. The skin around the cheeks begins to droop upon sagging. Thus, making the face shape square and jowls show up. Furthermore, the lines from the nose to the mouth (nasolabial lines) further deepen giving your face an overall miserable appearance. All of this is somewhat discouraging when you consider the big picture.

Cheek Fillers:

Fortunately, here at The Home of Aesthetics in Norwich, Dr Saba Raja, an exceptionally qualified and experienced cosmetician has a trick at her disposal with regards to offering a successful and beneficial solution for the desolating impacts of ageing on the lower face. With the help of injectable dermal fillers to bring back lost volume and hydration to the skin and fundamental tissues, Dr Saba provides effective and game-changing results concerning facial enhancements.

When infused into the cheeks, dermal fillers, which contain hyaluronic acid, a remarkable element that is found inside the body and is known for its hydrating and volumizing properties can quickly lift sagging skin. Thus, making the cheeks appear rounder, and giving the face a heart shape that makes the individual look young.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is permanently lost after some time. Thus, it is an essential substance that should be renewed during the ageing cycle. Hyaluronic acid is normally found as a ‘sugar’ in the connective tissues, joints, eyes, and skin, and holds up to a thousand times its weight in water. Therefore, it is a great hydrator for the skin when infused. Likewise, the body acknowledges HA with practically no results. So, it is ideal for many individuals who want to reestablish a young, energetic, and hydrated skin appearance.

Upon mixing it with a viscous gel, HA dermal fillers give a lifting platform to the facial tissues. Thus, resulting in a non-surgical face-lifting effect. In addition to this, when it is injected into the cheeks, the nasolabial lines can be diminished. This gives the cheeks a more etched and lifted appearance.

Here at The Home of Aesthetics, we utilize the best HA dermal fillers, from well-recognized pharmacies.

What Can You Expect?

Before you go through any non-surgical treatment, it is imperative to know whether HA fillers are medically appropriate for you or not. Here at The Home of Aesthetics, Dr Saba will request that you first take part in a no-obligation consultation so that she can make all the important clinical checks, examine your special concerns, and clarify the likely outcomes. Moreover, it will be at this point that she decides whether dermal fillers for the cheeks would be the best treatment for you or not.

The treatment is very direct, and a limited quantity of topical numbing cream is applied to the part where you will be injected to guarantee your comfort. Then, Dr Saba will utilize a cannula or a conventional needle to inject the dermal filler into your cheeks. After injecting, we rub the region to give a characteristic shape and contour to the cheeks and ensure smooth results.

You may encounter some slight inflammation and bruising thereafter, which is common and will rapidly die down, particularly if you put an ice pack on that part of your cheeks. The aftercare for this treatment incorporates staying away from caffeine, liquor, hot showers, saunas, and/or steam rooms. This will help lessen any bruising that may happen.

The Results of Cheek Fillers

Results show up instantly and in the weeks that follow your treatment. The HA filler will immediately lift the cheek and make it look fuller. Furthermore, over the long haul, your cheeks will take up more water, thus, giving them an overall cushioned look. In addition to this, other flawless changes will occur, for example, more collagen and elastin are produced within the dermis. These substances will assist with amending skin ageing and give a more conditioned, sparkling appearance to the skin.

The lifespan of results will vary as everybody is different. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, work out, or smoke a lot, your skin may not be as healthy, and results may last less time. In any case, you can normally anticipate that the results should last from 9 – 18  months and Dr. Saba will clarify your average outcomes and length of results in your pre-treatment interview.

If you are hoping to revive your facial appearance and be confident again when it comes to the way you look, HA dermal fillers for cheeks can give you the lift that you are searching for. As Dr Saba has treated many patients for this sign, she can offer the most ideal advice, proven products, and the latest and safest procedures to augment your outcomes and leave your skin glowing!

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