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What causes freckles?

Wondering if the small, coloured spots on your skin are freckles? Want to know more about treating them or avoiding them altogether? Looking for an aesthetics clinic in Norwich that can help you? With Dr Saba Raja, you’re in good hands. Today, we’ll put freckles under the microscope and reveal more about them, how to spot if they’re dangerous and how to get rid of them, if you wish.

What are freckles?

They are small spots found all over the skin, but most commonly on the face and neck; back and chest; and hands and arms. They can be a range of colours, including beige, red and brown. And while many are harmless, some may also be a warning sign.

The overproduction of a pigment called melanin causes freckles. UV light stimulates the pigment, therefore, the sun can cause them to appear and darken.

How can I treat freckles?

Freckles can be faded through certain aesthetic treatments, such as chemical peels and laser treatments. However, there’s no guarantee they can be permanently removed.

Who gets them?

Anyone can develop them, but they tend to be more common in people who have light skin and fair hair (such as red, ginger or blonde). On darker skin, they tend to appear darker in colour.

What are some of the warning signs for freckles?

If your freckles are:

  • Tender and sore
  • Jagged in shape
  • Asymmetrical
  • Larger than a small pencil eraser
  • With multiple colours or dark patches
  • Changing in any way (shape, colour, size)

…Then it’s important to see a GP or dermatologist as soon as possible.

Are freckles the same as sun spots?

No. Sunspots (also called solar lentigines and liver spots) tend to look brown, beige or black and usually appear in people over the age of about 50. They can appear in similar places but tend to be seen on the hands, feet and face. They are caused by too much pigment clustering together in an area of the skin.

How can I prevent them?

Sun protection is a must; you can also try to seek shade when the sun is at its hottest, and of course, don’t use tanning beds. 

How can I treat freckles?

The best next step is to talk to Dr Saba Raja at our aesthetics clinic in Norwich who can discuss treatment options with you. Enquire today to book a consultation through our website.