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woman smiling into the camera after microneedling treatment

Mastering Microneedling: Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve got questions about microneedling, you’ve come to the right place. At our Norwich aesthetics clinic, we carry out microneedling treatments routinely on both men and women, enhancing their skin – and their confidence. Today, we’ll share more about it in our blog post.

What is microneedling?

It’s a way to stimulate your skin from within, kickstarting the collagen and elastic proteins. These can enhance your skin’s appearance by boosting its tone and texture.

What can microneedling help with?

Treatment can help to smooth your complexion, tighten the skin, combat signs of ageing and even correct acne scarring. With such a wide range of applications and versatility, it’s no surprise its popularity continues to endure.

How long does microneedling take?

Microneedling usually takes around 1 hour, but it depends on which areas you’re looking to treat. It uses a special stamping device called a skin pen that’s made up of tiny needles (hence ‘microneedling’), and these perforate the skin, then encourage it to heal itself and renew. Most of our clients need 3-6 sessions for best results, usually a month apart.

Can I use a serum with microneedling?

Yes. Because microneedling gently perforates the skin, we can apply a serum which will then ‘soak in’ better and further elevate your results. Ask us about these, and we can make a tailored recommendation.

Is this treatment safe?

Absolutely – we would never offer a treatment we wouldn’t have ourselves, was not adequately researched or came with high levels of risk. Microneedling does cause the potential for some redness and sensitivity in the skin following treatment, however, this is typical of needle-based treatments.

Am I suitable for treatment?

Yes, most people can undergo treatment. However, we do recommend a consultation to ensure it is right for you and to suggest any additional or alternative treatments.

How do I book my treatment?

You’ll need to arrange a consultation at our Norwich aesthetics clinic. This helps you feel comfortable in the clinic and get to know us, our team and our approach. We’ll also assess your skin, develop a bespoke treatment plan and work together to achieve your dream results.

What else do I need to know?

As well as microneedling treatment, we offer a wide range of aesthetic procedures that can elevate your looks. We also provide interest-free finance (subject to terms and checks) to help spread the cost of your aesthetic treatments. To find out more, get in touch today.